Proses Penyusunan Kurikulum

K-2020 was compiled in 2019, with the background of adapting efforts to scientific developments, especially in facing the current 4.0 Industrial Revolution. This adaptation was carried out simultaneously in all study programs on UNSRAT. This curriculum was also the result of a revision from K-2015, because PS-ARS constantly revises its curriculum every five years. Various regulations as a guideline for K-2015 were still used because they were still relevant to current conditions.

K-2020 also responds to the vision and mission of PS-ARS, which are hierarchically linked with the vision and mission of UNSRAT and FATEK, which are contained in the 2019-2023 Department of Architecture Strategic Plan book. The following is an illustration of the curriculum preparation process, specifically for K-2020


General Steps on The Curriculum Design Process on PS-ARS

The Curriculum Design Process on PS-ARS K-2020